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Helicopter Parts Inventory for Sale
Our inventory consists predominantly of Bell, Sikorsky, and Eurocopter (formerly Aerospatiale MBB) helicopter spares and parts.
Featured Items include:
Sikorsky S76 A and Sikorsky S76 B helicopter spares, including Pratt and Whitney PT6 Helicopter Engines. Also for sale - a Sikorsky S76A airframe, 900 hours total airtime..
Recently Acquired Helicopter Parts Inventory
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Bolkow BO105 Helicopter Parts

For your convenience, you may view an entire listing of the Bolkow BO105 helicopter parts and spares inventory (available components) by clicking the link below:
BO105 Helicopter Parts Inventory
Recently Acquired Helicopter Parts Inventory used helicopter for sale

Sikorsky S76 Helicopter Airframe
Bell 407 Bell 206 & Bell 212.

Eurocopter (formerly) Aerospatiale AS355F1 & AS355N

Bell 407 Bell 206 & Bell 212.  

Eurocopter (formerly) MBB BO105CBS Bolkow Helicopter parts, including a emergency pop out float kit for BO105 CBS

Eurocopter BO 105LS parts

We are also currently offering an additional Eurocopter Bolkow BO 105CBS with no damage history which was in flyable condition. Also a Bolkow BO 105LS in very good condition.
Call or email us for your specific needs on any model Bell, Eurocopter, & Sikorsky spares.

We sell to, and ship to helicopter and aviation customers in the global marketplace.
We strive to stock difficult to acquire, non-procurable parts and complete assemblies:
• Complete Airframes, Doors, Cowlings, Control Surfaces, and Landing Gear

• Optional kits: Floats, Cargo Hooks, ECU, Air Conditioning Systems

• Components OHC, Serviceable, and Cores

• Electrical spares

• Avionics and instrument

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