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William Roach, President of HP Aviation, Inc has specialized for over 20 years in the sales and procurement of aviation parts and salvage. The overall business goals of HP Aviation are to supply high quality, high reliability components to helicopter customers. Inventory is cataloged and housed in our 15,000 square foot warehouse.
Company Focus Includes:
• Buying and selling used turbine helicopters

• Buying and selling turbine spares

• Buying salvaged turbine helicopters

• Buying turbine inventories
HP Aviation offers consignment services to assist in the sale of aviation inventory
Including helicopters and aircraft of all types. Our 15,000 square foot warehouse can accommodate both rotorcraft and fixed wing parts and spares. With a long term, well-established global aviation marketing presence, we offer a worry free support system for you to sell helicopter parts or aviation inventory. Call or contact us for further information.
Recently Acquired Helicopter Parts Inventory
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Bolkow BO105 Helicopter Parts

For your convenience, you may view an entire listing of the Bolkow BO105 helicopter parts and spares inventory (available components) by clicking the link below:

BO105 Helicopter Parts Inventory
Sikorsky S76 Helicopter Airframe
We sell to, and ship to helicopter and aviation customers in the global marketplace. Please email us if you wish to contact us regarding a need for your helicopter inventory.

Please Navigate to our "Contact Us" Page to Request Helicopter Parts and Pricing Information of our rotorcraft Inventory.

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Sikorsky S76 Helicopter Airframe
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